At the end of 2021, the collaboration between Finest Grape Tech and TARSENS R&D LTD, a Turkish company that deals with artificial intelligence applied to agriculture, was born.

One of the creations of TARSENS R&D LTD is the Yield Estimator, an algorithm developed for detecting and counting the bunches present on a row. By recording a video using a simple action cam, you are then able to extrapolate the number of bunches present. Furthermore, thanks to the OCF (Occlusion Correction Factor), the algorithm can estimate even the bunches that are not perfectly visible.

Finest Grape Tech is one of the service provider through field video collection and consultancy.

Here are some examples collected during the 2022 harvest

Counting grapes on Ribolla Gialla variety – Colli Orientali del Friuli (UD) – Italy – 2022
Counting grapes on Tocai Friulano variety – Colli del Friuli (UD) – Italy – 2022