Pruning wounds might turn into a vehicle of attack from certain groups of fungal spores (like those that contribute to the presence of the Esca disease).

These fungal pathogens are mainly responsible for the grapevine trunk diseases.

Pruning properly techniques helps reduce the possibility of creating major wounds: the larger the surface of the wound, the higher the probability of bacterial and fungal infections.

Best practices recommend that pruning shears be disinfected before moving to the next plant. Additionally, it is fundamental to close the channel of infection, to avoid its spread within the plant and its development into a trunk disease. With the mastics currently available on the market an issue arises: once applied, they tend to swell and crack, thereby creating a microclimate characterised by high humidity in proximity to the wound.


FLORA-SAN GEL is a gel made out of salts of weak acids, which is able to decontaminate the surface of the wound, facilitating the healing process from the plant’s side.

FLORA-SAN GEL can be used to prevent the formation of grapevine trunk diseases such as:

  • Esca disease
  • Eutypa lata
  • Actinidia cancer


Once the pruning has been completed, apply a dose of FLORA-SAN GEL on the surface of the wound.

The product is sold in a package that contains 1 kg of gel and is shipped throughout Italy.

The 400 gram bottle can be conveniently placed in your pocket while pruning in the vineyard.

Flora – San Gel have been tested in laboratory with growth inibition tests, on two strains of Esca Disease fungus.